Investment Management


Questions we commonly answer regarding investment management:

  • How can I increase my investment income?
  • How do I reduce volatility in my portfolio?
  • Are there productive investments other than the stocks and bonds?
  • How do I get my 401(k) professionally managed?
  • How can you help me overcome my fear of the stock market?


When managing investments for clients, Eggerss Capital Management (ECM) charges a flat management fee which keeps clients and ECM on the same page. ECM is a fee-only advisor without the conflicts of interests of some other advisory firms.

Whether you have a joint account, Roth IRA, IRA rollover, a trust, or any other registration type, ECM can help manage your portfolio. In addition to managing assets for individuals, ECM also manages institutional portfolios such as endowments, non-profits, and foundations.
Accounts are held at either Charles Schwab, Fidelity Investments, or TD Ameritrade.

ECM Investment Philosophy

  1. Markets are not always efficient. This creates opportunity, but also tests patience at times.
  2. Investment income is an important element of long term success.
  3. Focus on managing downside risk, the upside will take care of itself.
  4. Chasing fads and the most popular investments isn’t the best plan.
  5. No single investment has all of these… safety, growth potential and liquidity.
  6. Multiple strategies and buckets are needed to balance these benefits.

Investment Management Services include:

Stocks | Bonds | Mutual Funds | Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) | Real Estate | Alternative Investments.

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